Mass wedding for lesbians in the Philippines

Mass Lesbian Wedding Will Make You Believe #LoveWins

Lesbian or gay wedding in Metro Manila

The Mass Union of Open Table MCC last Nov 26 was organized and officiated for several reasons:

  1. As thanksgiving for the Holy Unions throughout the years that financially sustained the operations and ministry of Open Table MCC. The recently concluded mass Union was subsidized by the funds of the Church with very minimal cost to the couples who participated.
  2. To provide greater accessibility to couples who may not be able to go through a Union ceremony due to their financial circumstances.
  3. To provide an alternative and showcase the true ministry-essence of the Rite of Union versus some abuses of other persons or groups in the Queer Christian Community.
  4. To proclaim to the LGBT Community and the larger society that the love and commitment of people in relationship is to be welcomed, celebrated and blessed.

God’s grace and blessings are open to everyone and Open Table MCC as a Church opens itself to be a channel these grace and blessing through the sacraments and its rites, and this includes Union ceremonies. It is true that individual Unions financially sustains the operations and ministry of the Church. We as an ecclesial community have always commited in opening ourselves with the sacraments and rites to everyone, rooted and framed in the theology of love and justice, and organized in sound processes. We encourage couples who may have any financial challenges but wish to have a Union ceremony to contact us and make the request. We will not withhold the ceremony if the only issue is the finances.

The public celebration of Unions of LGBTQI couples are part of our justice work for the LGBTQI community. In an age of information technology and social media, there are still many young people questioning, struggling and hurting in a society that tells them that their feelings, expressions and identities are wrong. The public proclamation of couples of their vows extends beyond what we can imagine and can possibly save and change people’s lives.

Moving forward, Open Table MCC will conduct Mass Union ceremonies on an annual basis both as our thanksgiving as well as our advocacy to change the patriarchal-heterosexist heart and mind of our Philippine society.

The mass union had a total cost of 13,770.00pesos excluding some minor miscellaneous expenses. This was for the rent of the venue which was consumable, and therefore Open Table MCC was able to provide Dinner for a total of approximately 45 people who attended the ceremony; in attendance were the congregation of Open Table MCC, 4 couples with their 4 guests, and our honored guest Ms Bemz Benedito with her long time friend Dexter.

The mass Union fee was 250.00 pesos only which the couples paid during their orientation schedule. The couples were also required to provide a donation to the Church and a stipend the amount of which were on the couple’s discretion.

We were able to collect 1500 pesos from the registration fee which was used for the expenses as mentioned. The greater part of the cost of the Mass Union were primarily taken from the revolving general funds of the Church.

A mass holy union ceremony is a service and an advocacy offered and organized for couples and the general public.

Open Table MCC made an announcement and posted an online registration form in our official FB-page for any couple interested to avail and participate. 16 couples registered of which 2 were spam registrations and 1 was ineligible due to the age requirement, making it a total of 13 pre-qualified couples.

The registered couples were contacted via email and were scheduled for their Mass Union Orientation which happened last October 29, 2017. 9 couples responded to the email and expressed their attendance to the orientation.

On the day of the Orientation, only 6 of the 9 couples came. The 6 couples were informed by Pastor Joseph of the theology, concept, guidelines and process of the mass union. Pastor Joseph further explained that the Union has no legal effect as there is still no law or juris prudence yet in the Philippines recognizing the union of same sex couples. He explained that the ceremony will be purely religious in nature and is protected by the Constitutional provision on religious freedom. The theme or motif for the ceremony is Filipiniana. The couples, their guest and the congregation of the Open Table MCC were required to be in Filipiniana attire on the actual occasion. The couples were told that they will be scheduled for a separate counselling session. The couples paid the required Union fee of 250 pesos to Sean Rey Malang, the Church treasurer.

The couples received another email for their counselling session which were scheduled on November 12 and November 19, 2017. Out of the 6 couples who paid and went to the orientation, only 4 couples came to their counselling schedule. 2 couples cancelled; one couple said that they both were sent by their employer to Cebu and therefore cannot go through with the Union ceremony; The other couple cancelled because of their child being ill. Both couples expressed their desire to undergo a separate and more private Union with Open Table MCC in the future.

4 Couples participated in the Mass Union on November 26, 2017 with the worshiping congregation of Open Table MCC and Ms Bemz Benedito as our honored witness to the occasion.

Moving forward, Open Table MCC will conduct Mass Union ceremonies on an annual basis both as our thanksgiving as well as our advocacy to change the patriarchal-heterosexist heart and mind of our Philippine society.

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If you are a same-sex couple / LGBT+ couple and you are not able to legally marry each other due to the laws of the Philippines not having a same-sex or marriage equality law yet, you might be interested to have a ceremonious wedding instead, or a 'Holy Union', under Open Table Metropolitan Community Church.

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