Our Love is Not Our Own

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Our love has been and continues to be rejected, demonized and hidden away. There are those who stood up and fought for such love and some of them got killed fighting and speaking.

While it seems that our love and relationships are very personal and domesticated, closeted in some situations, we must realize the tremendous advocacy and activism that has been done so that we may live to a time such as this. At the same time, we must also realize that there is still so much advocacy and activism that needs to be done, not by a few, but by ALL OF US for our relationships and families to be protected and recognized in our own country and everywhere in the world.
The same love we have for our partners and our families is the same love that should compel us to contribute and participate in our queer movement.
For the true nature of love is not merely domesticated or thinks of its own. Love expands. It reaches out and does not wish to be hidden away. It is free, out and open. It cannot be repressed and suppressed. Love compels us towards the freedom of all.

Our love is not just for our own. We owe it to our fore bearers and we owe it for all future generations, especially for our queer tribe.

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If you are a same-sex couple / LGBT+ couple and you are not able to legally marry each other due to the laws of the Philippines not having a same-sex or marriage equality law yet, you might be interested to have a ceremonious wedding instead, or a 'Holy Union', under Open Table Metropolitan Community Church.

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