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Lesbian or gay wedding in Metro Manila

For generations, same-sex couples in the Philippines have faced significant hurdles in achieving legal recognition for their relationships. While marriage equality remains a dream, Open Table MCC offers a powerful alternative: a Holy Union ceremony, which is a wedding ceremony for LGBTQIA+ Couples.

Open Table MCC recognizes that faith often plays a crucial role in the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals. Their pastors, experienced in providing pastoral care and counseling to the LGBTQ+ community, create a safe space for couples to explore their values and spiritual beliefs as they embark on this new chapter.

If you are an LGBTQ+ couple in the Philippines searching for a way to celebrate your love with faith and community, Open Table MCC welcomes you with open arms. Come, share your story, and let your love bloom within the heart of this inclusive, vibrant church. Let your journey inspire others, pave the way for change, and become a testament to the unwavering power of love.

A Holy Union is a wedding ceremony, which is a spiritual joining of two persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity. It is a celebration of love witness and affirmed by their friends, family, and the Church. Open Table MCC officiates Holy Unions in the Philippines.

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If you are a same-sex couple / LGBT+ couple and you are not able to legally marry each other due to the laws of the Philippines not having a same-sex or marriage equality law yet, you might be interested to have a ceremonious wedding instead, or a 'Holy Union', under Open Table Metropolitan Community Church.

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