Why Marriage Equality Is More Than for Same-Sex Couples

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The fight of Marriage Equality is not just about same-sex couples and couples with transgender partners being legally protected. Marriage Equality in the Philippines must include the overhaul of the current Family Code of the Philippines which is actually anti-women with its adultery and concubinage provisions. Marriage law in the Philippines and the current societal view about it has locked and punished so many couples in relationships that no longer work or worst, are violent and abusive in which most of the time, it is the women and children who suffer the most.

Marriage equality therefore must include the decision to un-marry through divorce. The marriage law as it exist today is not only unfair to LGBTQI+ by denying them of their right, but it is foremost unfair towards women in general.

Marriage equality in the Philippines includes all!

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Same-Sex Wedding During The "New Normal"

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