Charming Wedding of Lesbian Couple During Pandemic in the Philippines

“…true love is never blind, but rather brings an added light.” Phoebe Cary The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop this Lesbian Couple on celebrating their same-sex wedding ceremony here in the Philippines during Valentine’s Day nonetheless. Open Table MCC, one of the few Christian churches that conducts same-sex weddings (also known as Holy Unions), opened […]

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Quezon City Government Holds LGBT+ Mass Wedding This Valentines Day

LGBTQ+ couples tied the knot in a mass wedding ceremony last February 14 at the Lights of Love Events Palace in Quezon City. “LOVE IS PRIDE. PRIDE IS LOVE.” is the slogan of the mass wedding that was officiated by Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte, who is a known supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. Liza Diño, […]

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same sex couple's responsibilities

Weddings Are Not A Magic Solution For Troubled Relationships

Making the relationship work and making it last is the couple’s responsibility; both persons has to make an effort and to contribute in their relationship. Any success or failure of any relationship does not rely in any other external force, person or thing. It is with the couple. God guides and blesses couples. The mere […]

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