It’s Okay To Be Single

Lesbian or gay wedding in Metro Manila

It’s okay to be single.

It’s okay to have that longing to be loved by someone.

It’s also okay not to want someone at all

.Love has many faces and there are many ways to love and be loved.Valentine’s day is over-rated anyway. Don’t be fooled by the market trappings of this day.

Take your nanay or tatay (or both) on a date or cook for her/him/them lunch or dinner.

Go on a date with your beshie, the one who loves you in all your beauty and ugliest; in all your failures and all your success.

Meet a long time fubu and have another best sex of your lives without the pressure and trappings of a commitment. It can be as intimate. It’s a matter of perspective. Be safe, use condoms.

Go out by yourself or stay at home and watch Netflix. Mag staycation. Read. Write. Sleep. Eat. Listen to music. Paint. Have a “me” time.

Spend time with God and/or devote your energy, money and love for greater causes; para sa Diyos at sa Bayan. Makibaka at mag-ambag, ganern. Volunteer. Give. Participate.

Nawa’y ang pag-ibig at ligayang minimithi ay masumpungan sa maraming mga taong nasa paligid na natin at sa mga bagay o gawain na mas mahalaga at malalim.

Apply for same-sex wedding services

Register for a Holy Union

If you are a same-sex couple / LGBT+ couple and you are not able to legally marry each other due to the laws of the Philippines not having a same-sex or marriage equality law yet, you might be interested to have a ceremonious wedding instead, or a 'Holy Union', under Open Table Metropolitan Community Church.

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