Be The Partner That You Want

Lesbian or gay wedding in Metro Manila

You want a loving partner?
Be a loving person.

You want someone who understands and listens?
Listen and understand.

You want someone matured?
Be mature.

You want honesty?
Be honest.

You want a kind and caring partner?
Be kind and caring.

You want a partner who respects your differences?
Then respect and celebrate diversity in your family and network of friends now.

You want someone to accept you with all your brokenness, imperfections and ugly parts?
Accept others for their unique imperfections.

You want a lover you can trust?
Be trustworthy now.

You want a responsible spouse?
Be responsible in your life.

You want someone who makes you happy?
Bring happiness to others now.

You cannot have someone you yourself are not yet willing or ready to become.

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Same-Sex Wedding During The "New Normal"

Want to have your same-sex / LGBT+ wedding ceremony despite the pandemic? Please read our updated policies for Holy Union during the "New Normal."

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