Our Love is Not Our Own

Our love has been and continues to be rejected, demonized and hidden away. There are those who stood up and fought for such love and some of them got killed fighting and speaking. While it seems that our love and relationships are very personal and domesticated, closeted in some situations, we must realize the tremendous […]

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1971 “Invalid” Gay Marriage License Now Gets Legally Recognized in USA

2003 was the year when Massachusetts, United States, decided to recognize marriage equality. In 2015, it was the whole USA. But now, due to a strange case, the Social Security Administraton has recognized a marriage between two men that happened decades prior. Back in 1970, Richard John “Jack” Baker applied for a marriage license with […]

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same sex couple's responsibilities

Weddings Are Not A Magic Solution For Troubled Relationships

Making the relationship work and making it last is the couple’s responsibility; both persons has to make an effort and to contribute in their relationship. Any success or failure of any relationship does not rely in any other external force, person or thing. It is with the couple. God guides and blesses couples. The mere […]

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What Really Happens With the Holy Union Fee

The money that is received from the Holy Union is pooled together in the Church’s official bank account. No person or leader from the Church receives any Holy Union money, partially or as a whole by hand or by money transfer issued in any person’s name. The Union fee is sacred in the sense that […]

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How LGBT+ Weddings Are Also an Act of Advocacy

I often tell couples that their decision to have a blessing with family and friends through a wedding ceremony is both fortunate and unfortunate.Unfortunate because it is still not legally recognized here and not yet socially accepted. It is fortunate because, even though the couple may have simply decided and planned it for themselves, whether […]

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Same-Sex Marriage in the Philippines - Ryan and David Gay Wedding

Watch: Gay Wedding Trailer Will Make You Teary-Eyed

A gay couple from the Philippines made a video trailer for their upcoming wedding in Tagaytay this coming August. They even made a website for their upcoming wedding, twogroomstwogardens.com – supposedly a pun on the venue name, which is Two Gardens. The same-sex wedding, or “holy union“, will be officiated by Open Table MCC – an […]

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